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If you own rental property you need to protect your important investment.
If you have a problem tenant who is not paying their agreed rent, or has violated other terms of the lease, then your investment is at risk. This is when you need a qualified eviction attorney.  Ed Fucillo has owned and managed investment rental properties for over 13 years and has held a real estate license since 1987. He understands what it means to be a landlord, the type of issues that occur, and what can happen to your property when your tenant becomes a problem.

Depending on how your tenant responds to a 3-Day Notice, it may not be enough and more serious action must be taken. Unless you know your rights and those of your tenant, you could be delaying the eviction process and prolonging your tenant’s occupation of your property. You could even make worse an already unpleasant situation.  A non-paying tenant could affect your ability to pay your mortgage, and possibly damage your credit history. If your tenants are also damaging your property, the value of your investment is being threatened. At this point, you need to take action.

Your solution is to act quickly once your tenant becomes a problem. The eviction process takes time, so the longer you delay, the longer your tenants can remain in your property.

The Fucillo Law Firm, P.L. can help you, as we specialize in landlord / tenant law and we know how to remove problem tenants legally and as quickly as possible.

Before you act, be sure you are represented by an attorney who fully understands eviction law. Landlord-tenant laws vary between states. Landlords who manage government-subsidized housing may also be restricted by additional state or federal regulation.

If you would like legal help with a problem tenant, or another legal matter, the Fucillo Law Firm, P.L. is here to help you.  Contact Us for a free consultation.

Commercial Property Managers:

If you are having a problem with a tenant, you’ll want to resolve that problem as quickly as possible. The longer a tenant remains a problem, the more difficult it may become to solve that problem.

The Fucillo Law Firm, P.L. zealously represents landlords in commercial and residential litigation and disputes. Our goal is to provide landlords with a quick and positive resolution to their problem tenants.

Although we specialize in evictions and tenant relations law, we understand the full range of real estate law issues including foreclosure, short sales, contracts, and title issues.

And if you are a commercial property manager who manages a large number of units we know you have tenant issues on a regular basis. We are particularly effective in this area and would be happy to develop a cost-effective relationship that takes into account your particular requirements.

Our real estate and evictions law services includes:

  • Commercial evictions
  • Security deposit disputes
  • Residential evictions
  • Landlord non-compliance
  • Drafting leases
  • Tenant non-compliance
  • Wrongful eviction
  • Non-payment of rent
  • Tenant holdover
  • Property management disputes
  • Representing buyers and sellers in real estate transactions

Flat Fee Representation for Landlords:

Where only possession of the property is desired by the landlord, we are able to provide a special flat-rate attorney’s fee representation of $250, plus costs, for landlords with non-paying tenants, who do not contest or respond to the eviction, in non-government subsidized properties, and where the tenant defaults.

The services provided for this flat-fee include: consultation with an attorney and the attorney’s review of the client’s documents, drafting a 3-Day Notice, drafting a 5-Day Summons, drafting a Complaint for Possession, drafting a Motion for Clerk’s Default, drafting a Non-military Service Affidavit, and drafting a Final Judgment and Writ of Possession.

The following chart illustrates the typical expenses for this type of uncontested eviction:

Type of Expenses

Estimated Eviction Costs

Type of Expenses

Filing & process Fees (clerk of court)

Summons (clerk of court)

Process Server

Attorney’s Fees

Total Expenses (estimated)

Individual Tenant



$40-$60 (estimated)



Type of Expenses



$80-$120 (estimated)



Type of Expenses



$120-$180 (estimated)



If you would like legal help with a problem tenant, the Fucillo Law Firm, P.L. is anxious to assist you.